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at the
Learn of this historic building’s past and plans for its future.
Drive North on HWY 229 to Oldenburg.
Turn Right onto Vine Street at the 4-Way Stop by Werner Concrete Construction.
Follow Vine Street through the gates of the Sisters’ Convent.
Park in the lot immediately on your left, and walk through the
arched breezeway to the building’s entry.




During the early years of American colonization, settlers could not afford to simply discard things when they wore out; necessity required they carefully use their resources. Therefore, when blankets became worn, they were patched, combined with other blankets, or used as filler between other blankets. These were not carefully constructed heirlooms, rather they were functional items for the sole purpose of keeping people warm. Only in later years, when fabrics were being manufactured in America and were more affordable, freeing women from the work of making their own yarns and fabrics, did the more ar-tistic type of quilting become more widespread.

In the 100 years between 1750 and 1850 thousands of quilts were pieced and patched, and many of them are preserved. Many of these quilts were so elaborate that years were spent making and quilting them. It is no wonder they are cherished as precious heirlooms and occupy honored places in homes and museums. Those early quilts provide a glimpse into the history of quilting as well as the history of the United States.

Excerpt from the History of American Quilts website

Indiana is home to some of America’s most talented quilt-makers, and samples of local artisans’ work will be included in BAHS’ "Stitches and Thimbles" exhibit. Check-out the tedious hand-stitching, and later some of the machine-stitching used by local quilt-makers as they created blankets of love for their families and friends. Included is a thimble exhibit to help visitors understand the intricacy of art.

The Stitches & Thimbles Exhibit will close on October 22, and  "A Magical Christmas" exhibit will open in November. 
The Historical Center's hours are THU & FRI - 10:00-2:00 & SAT 9:00-12:00. 
Individuals or groups are welcome at other times by contacting:
Carolyn Dieckmann, 812-934-3266. 
The Historical Center is CLOSED the months of January & February.





A Message from BAHS' Founder ...

They say history repeats itself…if so, we’re lookin' good! The history of the Batesville area is rich, unique, and something its residents are very proud of. As a way to preserve this wealth of information and share with present and future generations, the Batesville Area Historical Society (BAHS) was created and strives to fulfill its mission via education and preservation.

The centerpiece of the Society is its Museum, recently opened to the community to showcase thousands of items, photos, and pieces of history that represent the best that Batesville was, is, and will continue to be. Because a good thing is meant to be shared, you are invited to visit the Museum to browse, recollect, question, and converse about the people, places, and happenings that are woven so intricately into the area that many lucky residents call home.

This web site offers info that will complement the Museum experience and serve as a central location for matters pertaining to the BAHS itself, including membership info, meeting dates, upcoming events, etc. Enjoy the site. We welcome questions, concerns, and feedback.

The Batesville area is truly a gift to residents and visitors alike... but it won’t take much talking into... you’ll see for yourself!  

- Jean Struewing, Founder




BAHS Announcements

2016 Meeting Dates

TUE, FEB 16 at the Museum
TUE, APR 19 at Oldenburg
TUE, JUN 21 at the Museum
TUE, AUG 16 - Big Four Cafe
TUE, OCT 18 at Oldenburg

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Personal Membership $15 - year
Couple's Membership $25 - year

LIFETIME Membership is $100

Mail Membership Payments to:
15 W. George Street
Batesville, IN 47006

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President - Sue Siefert
Vice President - Bill Flannery
Secretary - Christy Moenter
Treasurer - Carolyn Dieckmann
Membership - Tim Dietz

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